Nordic and high-quality spruce wood


This building is produced from high-quality dried spruce wood, which has grown slowly due to the long winter months of this growing region. This, in turn, ensures the strength and durability of the material. The light color of spruce wood, small knots and good workability make it an ideal material for the production of our spruce houses.


Assembly tools are included in the set


All of our building kits already include all the necessary fasteners, door and window handles, cylinder lock. Even so that the end result can be as expected and the house can be put into use immediately after installation. 

Solid quality


In addition to carefully selected materials, we place great emphasis on quality in the production of wooden houses, and we are always ready to stand for it, offering an additional guarantee for all our products.



TAR PAPER for OMAHA II model 1 pc


  • SKU:  92006081
  • Qty:  Tellimisel
  • Delivery time:  4-6 weeks
10 m²
  • A small but versatile garden house with a floor area of 10 
  • Big windows offer daylight all day long.
  • The price includes glued laminated timber door, floor, impregnated foundation beams, fixings and installation instructions.
  • The price of the house does not include roofing material. 
  • For the roofing of this model you need 1 roll of tar paper or 6 packages of bitumen roofing shingles. Add the required quantity immediately to your shopping cart.

2867 €

324 x 350 cm
304 x 330 cm
222/224 cm
329 cm
15.73 m²
31 cm
11 ° ja 22 °
17 mm
10 m²
CW3L (515 x 1890 mm); CW7L (915 x 420 mm); CW7R (915 x 420 mm)
CDD3R (1425 x 1955mm ISO)

Tehniline info

Material Wood
Wall thickness 40 mm
Color Natural (unpainted)
Length 324 x 350 cm
External wall dimensions 304 x 330 cm
Side wall height 222/224 cm
Roof ridge height 329 cm
Roof area 15.73 m²
Roof boards 17 mm
Roof overhang 31 cm
Roof pitch in degrees 11 ° ja 22 °
Floorboards 17 mm
Floor area 10 m²
Impregnated foundation beams 40 x 70 mm
Window (W x H/quantity) CW3L (515 x 1890 mm)
CW7L (915 x 420 mm)
CW7R (915 x 420 mm)
Glued laminated timber door (W x H/quantity) CDD3R (1425 x 1955mm ISO)
House size 5-15 m2
Cubature 27.69 m³
Package size 355 x 110 x 79 cm
Product weight 930 kg